SlavisaJokanovic is excited for his new challenge in Fulham

The Serbian manager SlavisaJokanovic was appointed as the new head coach of Fulham back in December of 2015 and so far things haven’t been going as smoothly as Slavisa would have wanted it to after having picked up 4 defeats, 1 draw and only 1 victory from the opening month that he has been in charge of the English League Championship club.

After it was officially announced and confirmed that SlavisaJokanovic was the new coach of Fulham, Jokanovic voiced his excitement as he said: “I am very excited. I believe it's a great chance for me to work at a historic club like Fulham.I believe I can have an exciting time in front of me. My job is very clear and people expect me to improve the team and push the team forward to fight for more important targets. I am ready. I believe in myself, I believe in this club and these people. Let's do it and push hard.”

Not too long ago, Jokanovic was able to push Watford from the English League Championship into the Premier League and this superb accomplishment was what made the head chiefs of Fulham offer SlavisaJokanovic a managerial position in the club.

The fans and supporters of Fulham are hoping that SlavisaJokanovic will be able to do the same thing with the English club but it will be a very difficult task to accomplish, especially taking into consideration that Fulham are threatened to get relegated as they are positioned in the bottom spots of the 2nd tier English League.

Huge improvements aren’t expected to be accomplish immediately as Fulham has been struggling in many areas and displayed weaknesses for a significantly long period of time but SlavisaJokanovic is excited about this new challenge that he has accepted.