Slavisa Jokanovic Hopes Spurs Match to be good for Team

Slavisa Jokanovic reckons that the upcoming Cup contest versus the Spurs gives him as well as his boys the stage where if they go well, it will increase their stature and repute.

For Jokanovic, as he opines, repute is far more important than cash because cash comes to a lot of people, but, not the repute.

In the eyes of the Yugoslavia born coach, it’s only the big matches which give people the chance to gain repute and this is one such match. So, he and his team for sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this chance.

Whenever a top tier team takes on a second tier team in the Cup, it’s always the former which people back and put their money on which is obvious too, but, then you can’t ignore some important factors when you are previewing a match.

First of all, Tottenham has not been one of the most successful travellers in the recent times. Barring a couple of matches, they have always found themselves on the receiving end at the opposition’s venue.

Secondly, as Jokanovic also suspected, they wouldn’t have their first string unit on the pitch to start things off on Sunday because they would be more concerned about the other two important competitions they are participating in which are the Premiership and the European Cup and the matches of both those competitions are lined up in the space of next 7 days.

So, it’s likely that they would go easy this weekend and that may make it a tad easier for Jokanovic to gain that repute that he is talking about by eliminating them from the Cup.

However, according to Jokanovic, there won’t be that much of a drop in the standard of Tottenham even if they play their back-up players because everyone in that squad is very, very talented.