Kit Symons wants to make huge adjustments during the summer

Fulham’s Kit Symons has gone from being cheered and lauded for his achievements in onemonth and in the next few months, the manager has been booed and critiqued.
Back when Kit Symons only served as aninterim manager in October of the previous year, Symons was able to secure 13 pointsfrom a possible 21 and this wasimpressive enough for him to be offered with a permanent contract which extended until 2016.

Supporters and fans of the English League One club haven’t truly been able to keep up with the same appreciation and love that they have been displaying towards Symons since his appointment as the permanent coach of Fulham.

A few of the reasons of why Kit Symonshasn’t been receiving the same kind of support from the fans of the club as he did during his interim period of time as the manager is due to the underwhelming performances that the team has been displaying on certain occasions. Fulham has struggled trying to snatch victories consistently and have only managed to pick up draws against relegation teams which is what occurred back in April 10 of the ongoing year when Fulham played against Wigan in their own turf at Craven Cottage and the scoreboard displayed 2-2 at the end of the match.

Sean Davis is a former player of Fulham and he saysthat in Kit Symons deserves all the support not only from the fans of the club but also from the executives of Fulham.

"Thereis a bit of uncertainty over whether Kit will be here or not. They need to be fully behind him and give him the resources that he needs. The owner should give Kit the resources he feels he needs to get Fulham in the play-offs or be promoted and take it from there."Davis said.

Fulham snatched the 17th spot of the English League Onebut Kit Symons has expressed his desire to bring back the good times of the club and in order to accomplish that, Symons said that major changes are coming soon.

“There will be changes and there needs to be for the good of the club. Some players have probably played their final game for Fulham while some new players will be coming in, that’s for sure.” Kit Symons told reporters as he said that a lot of changes will be done during the summer.

Kit Symons