A number of clubs have been showing interest in increasing their stadium capacities and facilities.

Fulham have become the latest club to do so after they have filed an application to the local council for increasing the capacity of their stadium to 30,000.

Craven cottage is one of the oldest grounds in England and it currently has a capacity of around 26,000. However, Fulham have realised that their stature as one of those regular clubs in the Premier League demands a much bigger ground and they are planning to increase their capacity by around 4000.

Fulham have been playing at the Craven cottage since 1896 and there have been a number of developments over the years to increase stadium capacity. The major redevelopments have taken place after the club came into the Premier League, and they are now one of the most popular teams to place online football bets on, in the world!

The club have now revealed that they have been in consultation with the local council over the proposed redevelopment. Only after getting the green light have they decided to submit the final application. Fulham have also revealed that they will be holding out an exhibition in order to showcase their plans for extending the Craven cottage. The Riverside stand will be the one that will get the expansion.

"Fulham Football Club today submitted an application to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, for the redevelopment of the Riverside stand at its Craven Cottage home. The application will take the club's current capacity to 30,000 seats and further significant funds will be invested," read a statement on the official website of Fulham.

It has to be noted that Chelsea are the other club in West London looking to move to a bigger arena, although they are looking at a separate stadium itself like Fulham who are going to redevelop their existing stadium.

Craven Cottage