Fulham vs Liverpool Preview

On 22nd December Fulham Football Club will play Liverpool at Liverpool, so let’s look at some football betting data that might help us pick a winner.

The bookmakers are offering odds of 3/5 on a Liverpool win, 11/2 on Fulham and 19/4 on a draw. Looking at previous clashes between these clubs, in the 2011/2012 season both matches were won by Fulham and in the 2010/2011 season the two matches were won by Liverpool and in the previous season there was one draw and one win for Fulham.

What is so much better about betting on football than betting at on online casino (such as gamingclub.com/mobile-casino, is that while the latter is totally dependent on chance (with the exception of skill based games such as poker and to some extent blackjack) betting on football is as much a science as it is an art. Statistics can never totally identify winners, but they can help in the process, and they can be used to spot value bets.

In the overall history of the two clubs, they played each other a total of 31 times at Liverpool and just one of those matches was won by Fulham. Liverpool won 21 of them and there were 9 draws. In those matches Liverpool scored 79 draws and Fulham just 19.

Looking at their current positions in the Premier League table, Liverpool is at position 12 with 22 points and a goal difference of zero, and Fulham is just one place lower at 13 with 20 points and a negative goal difference of -1.
In the last 10 games Liverpool has won 4, lost 2 and drawn 4 whilst in Fulham’s last 10 games the club has won 2, lost 4 and drawn 4.

Given that the clubs are very close, and that they each have a high number of drawn games, a bet on a draw might be worthwhile and with odds of 19/4 it would appear to be a value bet.